Services include:

  • CEO counsel
  • Facilitating strategic planning process
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Coaching senior staff through transition
  • Running workshops and speaking at seminars

Recent Projects

Business Consulting

Client: 3P Consulting / Digital Enterprise Program for the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

The brief: Deliver digital business training and consulting.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Client: Greening Australia’s Education Program

The brief: Facilitate the board and staff to develop a new 10 year strategic plan for a new educational initiative.

Client: Tasmanian Centre for Global Learning

The brief: Facilitate the board and staff to develop a three year action plan for the organisation.


Client: The Pathways Project – University of Tasmania and Department of Education

The brief: Integrate creative arts education across the State leading with a digital hub in Hobart at the Centre for the Arts.

Web Integration Consulting

Client: LINC, State Library of Tasmania

The brief: Work with senior staff to envisage the role of an integrated web platform for a new brand and service.

Strategic Planning

Client: Greening Australia

The brief: Facilitate the board and staff to develop a new five year strategic plan for the organisation.

Workshop Leader

Client: ADVICE program – The Australia Council or the Arts

The brief: engage leading arts marketers to deepen their digital marketing strategy.

Strategic Planning

Client: Island Magazine

The brief: Facilitate staff to envisage a cohesive vision and develop a strategic plan.

Digital Coaching

Client: Tourism Tasmania – Digital Coach Program

The brief: Coach tourism operators to make the most of online opportunities.

Digital Strategy

Client: Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

The brief: Digital strategy to develop local audiences and enable global distribution.

Strategic Planning

Client: COSMOS Disability Services

The brief: Work with senior management to reposition the cultural program and facilitate staff through a strategic planning process.


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